human anti-alpha-v integrin monoclonal antibody

Definition / meaning of human anti-alpha-v integrin monoclonal antibody

A pan alpha-v human monoclonal antibody that recognizes alpha-v beta-1, alpha-v beta-3, alpha-v beta-5, and alpha-v beta-6 integrins with antiangiogenic and antitumor activities. Human anti-alpha-v integrin monoclonal antibody competitively binds to and blocks both alpha-v beta-3 and alpha-v beta-5 integrins, resulting in inhibition of integrin-mediated tumor angiogenesis and tumor growth. Integrins facilitatethe adhesion of stimulated endothelial cells to the extracellular matrix (ECM); trigger the secretion of ECM-rearranging proteases; and propagatesignaling events that promote the survival and differentiation ofcells in newly formed vasculature.

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