H-ras gene

A gene that may cause cancer when it is mutated (changed). The H-ras gene makes the HRAS protein, which is involved in cell signaling pathways, cell growth, and … [Read more...]

H. pylori

A type of bacterium that causes inflammation and ulcers in the stomach or small intestine. People with H. pylori infections may be more likely to develop cancer … [Read more...]


A substance being studied in the treatment of several types of lymphoma. It binds to the protein CD20, which is found on B cells (a type of immune system cell) … [Read more...]


Treatment for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection that uses a combination of several antiretroviral drugs. The drugs inhibit the ability of the virus … [Read more...]

Haelan 951

(Other name for: fermented soybean protein beverage) … [Read more...]

Haemophilus influenzae b vaccine

A vaccine against serotype b of the Gram-negative bacterium H. influenzae (Hib). Hib vaccines contain polysaccharide-protein conjugate antigens that produce … [Read more...]

hair follicle

A shaft or opening on the surface of the skin through which hair grows. … [Read more...]

hairy cell leukemia

A rare type of leukemia in which abnormal B-lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) are present in the bone marrow, spleen, and peripheral blood. When viewed … [Read more...]


(Other name for: haloperidol) … [Read more...]


A person … [Read more...]