M protein

An antibody found in unusually large amounts in the blood or urine of people with multiple myeloma and other types of plasma cell tumors. Also called monoclonal … [Read more...]


An antifolate derived from diaminopyrimidine with cytotoxic properties. With a mechanism of action similar to that of methotrexate (MTX), m-azidopyrimethamine … [Read more...]


A substance being studied in the treatment of bacterial infections from catheters (flexible tubes used to deliver fluids into or take fluids from the body). It … [Read more...]


A monoclonal antibody that is being studied in the treatment of some types of cancer. Monoclonal antibodies are made in the laboratory and can locate and bind … [Read more...]

M87o-transduced CD34+ peripheral blood stem cells

Peripheral blood stem cells (PBSCs) transduced with the retroviral vector M87o encoding for the HIV-1-entry inhibitor peptide membrane-anchored antiviral … [Read more...]

ma huang

A shrub native to China and India. The stems and roots are used in traditional medicine as a diuretic and for asthma, bronchitis, and cough. It has also been … [Read more...]

Maalox suspension

(Other name for: magnesium hydroxide/aluminum hydroxide/simethicone suspension) … [Read more...]


A small deposit of calcium in the breast that cannot be felt but can be seen on a mammogram. It is usually caused by aging, an old injury, or inflamed tissue … [Read more...]


A condition in which the blood contains high levels of large proteins and is too thick to flow through small blood vessels. One type is Waldenstr … [Read more...]

macrogol 3350-based oral osmotic laxative

An isotonic solution containing macrogol 3350 and electrolytes with laxative activity. Macrogol 3350-based oral osmotic laxative promotes the retention of … [Read more...]