folate-vinca alkaloid conjugate EC145

Definition / meaning of folate-vinca alkaloid conjugate EC145

A water-soluble, folate-receptor-targeted conjugate of folate and the vinca alkaloid desacetylvinblastine monohydrazide (DAVLBH) with potential antineoplastic activity. The folate moiety of folate-vinca alkaloid conjugate EC145 binds to folic acid receptors on the tumor cell surface and the agent is internalized via folate receptor-mediated endocytosis, delivering the tubulin-binding DAVLBH moiety directly into the tumor cell; DAVLBH binding to tubulin results in the disruption of microtubule assembly-disassembly dynamics, cell cycle arrest, and tumor cell apoptosis. Folic acid receptors are frequently upregulated on the surfaces of many tumor cell types. DAVLBH is a derivative of the natural product vinblastine.

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