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In biology, to stimulate a cell in a resting state to become active. This causes biochemical and functional changes in the activated cell. … [Read more...]

affinity reagent

In chemistry and biology, a compound that binds specific substances, such as proteins or nucleic acids. Many affinity reagents are antibodies. They are used to … [Read more...]


In chemistry and biology, the strength of the attaction between two substances, such as two chemicals, or an antigen and an antibody. … [Read more...]


In biology, a structure found inside cells that is involved in making proteins. Ribosomes help link amino acids together to form proteins. … [Read more...]

reverse transcription

In biology, the process in cells by which an enzyme makes a copy of DNA from RNA. The enzyme that makes the DNA copy is called reverse transcriptase and is … [Read more...]


In biology, refers to a cell that is not dividing. … [Read more...]

replication cycle

In biology, refers to the reproduction cycle of viruses. A repliction cycle begins with the infection of a host cell and ends with the release of mature progeny … [Read more...]


In biology, regrowth of damaged or destroyed tissue or body part. … [Read more...]


In biology, to make too many copies of a protein or other substance. Overexpression of certain proteins or other substances may play a role in cancer … [Read more...]


Multiplying or increasing in number. In biology, cell proliferation occurs by a process known as cell division. … [Read more...]