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congenital mesoblastic nephroma

A type of kidney tumor that is usually found before birth by ultrasound or within the first 3 months of life. It contains fibroblastic cells (connective tissue … [Read more...]


A substance being studied in the treatment of cancer. It is a type of tubulin inhibitor. Also called TZT-1027. … [Read more...]


A 3-isobutyl derivative of gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) with anti-convulsant, anti-epileptic, anxiolytic, and analgesic activities. Although the exact … [Read more...]


A synthetic phenoxy-isobutyric acid derivate and prodrug with antihyperlipidemic activity. Fenofibrate is hydrolyzed in vivo to its active metabolite fenofibric … [Read more...]


An aryloxyisobutyric acid derivate with antihyperlipidemic activity. Although the exact mechanism of action has not been fully characterized, clofibrate may … [Read more...]