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endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration

A procedure to take a sample of tissue for examination under a microscope. An endoscope with an ultrasound probe and a biopsy needle at the end is inserted … [Read more...]


A thin, tube-like instrument used to look at tissues inside the body. An endoscope has a light and a lens for viewing and may have a tool to remove tissue. … [Read more...]

endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

A procedure that uses an endoscope to examine and x-ray the pancreatic duct, hepatic duct, common bile duct, duodenal papilla, and gallbladder. An endoscope is … [Read more...]


A medical device that tests to see if endothelial cells are damaged. Endothelial cells line the inner walls of blood vessels, lymph vessels, and the heart, and … [Read more...]

endorectal ultrasound

A procedure in which a probe that sends out high-energy sound waves is inserted into the rectum. The sound waves are bounced off internal tissues or organs and … [Read more...]


One of several substances made in the body that can relieve pain and give a feeling of well-being. Endorphins are peptides (small proteins) that bind to opioid … [Read more...]

endometrial disorder

Abnormal cell growth in the endometrium (the lining of the uterus). … [Read more...]

endometrial hyperplasia

An abnormal overgrowth of the endometrium (the layer of cells that lines the uterus). There are four types of endometrial hyperplasia: simple endometrial … [Read more...]


A benign condition in which tissue that looks like endometrial tissue grows in abnormal places in the abdomen. … [Read more...]


The layer of tissue that lines the uterus. … [Read more...]