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nutritional supplement drink (pediatric)

A liquid, milk protein-based, pediatric nutritional supplement containing a variety of vitamins and minerals. Nutritional supplement drink (pediatric) contains … [Read more...]

pediatric surgeon

A surgeon who specializes in the treatment of children. A surgeon removes or repairs a part of the body by operating on the patient. … [Read more...]

pediatric polymeric enteral nutrition formula

A nutritional drink that helps children who cannot get everything they need in their diet from foods and other drinks. It may be given through a small tube that … [Read more...]

pediatric nurse specialist

A registered nurse with an advanced degree in nursing who specializes in the care of children. … [Read more...]

pediatric hematologist

A doctor who specializes in treating blood disorders in children. … [Read more...]


Having to do with children. … [Read more...]


(Other name for: nutritional supplement drink (pediatric)) … [Read more...]


An iron-chelating agent that removes iron from tumors by inhibiting DNA synthesis and causing cancer cell death. It is used in conjunction with other anticancer … [Read more...]