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pVAXrcPSAv53l vaccine

A cancer vaccine containing xenogenic DNA from rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) that encodes prostate specific antigen (PSA) with potential immunostimulating and … [Read more...]

MART-1:26-35(27L) peptide vaccine

A peptide-based cancer vaccine consisting of amino acid residues 26 through 35 of MART-1 (melanoma antigen recognized by T-cells-1) with a leucine substitution … [Read more...]

megestrol acetate

The acetate salt of megestrol, a synthetic derivative of the naturally occurring female sex hormone progesterone, with progestogenic, antiestrogenic, and … [Read more...]

Melan-A VLP vaccine

A vaccine consisting of the melanocyte differentiation antigen Melan A (also called MART-1) encapsulated in noninfectious virus-like particles (VLP) with … [Read more...]

PSA:154-163(155L) peptide vaccine

A cancer vaccine comprised of a synthetic peptide with an amino acid sequence corresponding to positions 154-163 of the amino acid sequence for … [Read more...]

non-small cell lung cancer mRNA-derived vaccine CV9201

A non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) vaccine containing modified mRNAs encoding cancer-testis antigen NY-ESO-1, melanoma-associated antigens C1 (MAGE-C1/CT7) … [Read more...]

MAGE-A1, Her-2/neu, FBP peptides ovarian cancer vaccine

A cancer vaccine containing multiple synthetic antigen peptides derived from MAGE-A1, Her-2/neu, and folate binding protein (FBP) with potential … [Read more...]

pNGVL3-hICD vaccine

A plasmid DNA cancer vaccine encoding the intracellular domain (ICD) of the HER-2/neu proto-oncogene. Upon administration and after cellular uptake by skin or … [Read more...]


A broad-spectrum, second generation, triazole compound with antifungal activity. Posaconazole strongly inhibits 14-alpha demethylase, a cytochrome … [Read more...]


A 9-methoxy acridine compound containing a reducible 5-nitro substituent. Pyrazoloacridine appears to intercalate into DNA and inhibit RNA synthesis, DNA … [Read more...]