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Chemistry Dictionary - Online chemistry glossary containing over 1800 terms and definitions. Best WordPress Hosting Cheap WordPress Hosting Free … [Read more...]


The number of deaths during a specific time period. A cancer mortality rate is the number of deaths, with cancer as the underlying cause of death, occurring … [Read more...]

Glossary of Statistical Terms

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confidence interval

A range of values that has a specified probability of containing the rate or trend. The 95% (p-value = .05) and 99% (p-value = .01) confidence intervals are the … [Read more...]

Medical Conditions

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Cancer Dictionary

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Drug Dictionary

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percent change

The percent change (PC) in a statistic over a given time interval is Percent change = (Final value - Initial value) / Initial value * 100. A positive PC … [Read more...]

Medical Terms starting with W

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Medical Terms starting with X

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